Keep watching this space… exciting editions coming soon all sold via this link with our friends at Townsend Music. 


The LOTTERY WINNERS Limited Edition SIGNED A3 Fine Art Prints by Dan McBean will be launched 10am Friday 27th October 2023. Please remember there are only 55 available worldwide!

Edition No6 –

Edition No5 – LLOYD COLE

This excellent print by GARY WING is available from 10am Friday 22nd September 2023. 

Edition No4 – The Amazons

Great to announce the availability of 55 limited edition SIGN prints featuring THE AMAZONS original line up. LIMITED AVAILABILITY!

Edition No3 – ROYAL BLOOD

MvC release prints by Mr Watson Design of ROYAL BLOOD. Currently on sale with Limited availability.


Edition No2 – FRANK TURNER

55 ‘Signed’ Limited Edition Fine Art Prints by either Mr Watson Design launched via MUSICvCANCER Facebook page

SOLD OUT raising over £4,250!

21st July 2023

Edition No1 – PAUL WELLER

55 ‘Signed’ Limited Edition Fine Art Prints by Mr Watson Design to be launched via MUSICvCANCER Facebook page

SOLD OUT within 48 Hours!!!

Launched 10am 12th May 2023 and raised over £9,000

The legend that is PAUL WELLER kindly came on board and agreed to help launch the project stating…

“I’m only too happy to help with this great new initiative to raise much needed funds and awareness for the fight against cancer, and I’m proud to help launch MvC Art with the 1st Edition of signed prints” Paul Weller.


Dan has worked as a Multimedia Designer and UI designer for the last 15 years after graduating from Sunderland University with a Degree in Photography, Video and Digital Imaging. Having recently become self employed Dan works under the brand Mr Watson Design, offering Illustration and Design services as well as selling prints of his own work.

“I was approached by Tony after seeing some of my work in a local restaurant. The idea of creating exclusive designs for such a good cause was too good to turn down. After learning more about the charity and Tony’s personal story I’m so proud to be involved in such a fantastic charity who do so much good for the local community”

Dan McBean – July 2019

MvC ART to Date; Paul Weller, Jason Isbell, Frank Turner, Royal Blood, The Amazons, The Teskey Brothers, Half Moon Run, Turin Brakes and more to be announced


Since graduating from Kingston University with a first-class honours degree in illustration Gary has been working as a freelance illustrator, receiving commissions from many top publishers, design companies, advertising agencies, magazines and newspapers within the UK and abroad.

“I was really enthusiastic to work with MvC as I have first hand experience of losing a loved one from cancer. My mother-in-law died from lung cancer two months ago and anything I can do to raise money for cancer research will be a priority in my life. If all of us help a little one can live in hope that one day cancer will be a controllable disease.”

Gary Wing – July 2019.

MvC ART to Date; Nik Kershaw, Lloyd Cole and more to be announced

Registered Charity No. 1057682
Part of the North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Trust Foundation



Team MVC


July 22, 2019


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