GARY STRINGER (The voice of Reef) – Announcement June 2017

Hello Everybody
I’m so sorry to have to confirm that I will not be able to attend the music v cancer event in Hartlepool later this year.

We were due to record a new reef record in June but now the recording will take place in October meaning that I unfortunately have to withdraw from performing on the 7th.

I’m gutted about this and am loathed to have to cancel my part in the event. I’m going to send up some reef goodies for auction and wish everybody the best of success for what I’m sure will be a brilliant night.


MvC Statement
Obviously it’s massively disappointing that plans had to change for Reef later in the year but totally understandable that Gary now can’t make the 7th Oct MvC Live Sessions. We will keep in touch with Gary regards the planned sessions in 2018 and beyond and hope we can see him grace the MvC stage at some point.

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you Gary and we wish you and Reef the very best of success with the new material.
Tony… (MvC)




Team MVC


May 2, 2017


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