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MUSICvCANCER met up with The Temperance Movement in Newcastle and what a fantastic night it was. The band were so accommodating and Phil gave a great call out to the faithful Newcastle crowd for MUSICvCANCER and TTM also took time out to signed a guitar for our competitions.

12631317_1047345361973617_5316445721146770858_n[1]Message Posted by Phil Campbell (TTM) – 22nd Jan 2016

Oh my actual God. Newcastle… what y’all about?! From my first canny stance on stage, you raised the roof of that O2 Academy with every ounce of energy available. It just proves to me that I have utterly no control over where this tour is going. There’s no predicting which shows are gonna kick off. Everyone there last night knew it.

I tell people all the time. They ask, ‘where do you guys get the energy?’. The answer is that the energy coming from the band is just a reflection of the crowd in front of us. That venue was freezing cold yesterday. The auditorium, the stage, the dressing rooms… You could see your breath at sound check. I left the stage with steam coming off my back like a human vaporiser. Thank you everybody.

Whenever I’m in Newcastle I meet up with my good friend Tony Larkin. He founded ‘Music V Cancer’ in 2012 after he was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer. Thankfully Tony was given the all clear and now dedicates all his time and energy into raising money for this good cause. He does this by getting all his famous friends to play live sessions or by donating pieces of music memorabilia like signed guitars for big soirée auction nights. Jools Holland is the official Patron.

They raise thousands of pounds to buy cutting-edge cancer detection machines and things like that. Tony is one of the brightest, funniest most caring people I’ve ever known. His spirit was never beaten by the disease. He lives and breathes for the work of MVC because he fought cancer himself and won. How did he do it? I’m no expert but I think the greatest weapon Tony has is love. He fights with love, which inspires hope, which in turn leads to pragmatic change in the lives of those currently suffering from cancer.

Check out the links below and get involved. Music doesn’t always need to be an egocentric vaccum for creative types like me. Forget all that purple haze 60’s bullshit. Tony’s kind of thinking can really change the world.

Phil xxx



Team MVC


January 24, 2016


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