New Family Room Opens in the Chemotherapy Ward at Hartlepool Hospital funded by MUSICvCANCER

A new family room has opened in the chemotherapy ward at the University Hospital of Hartlepool in memory of a local fundraiser who was treated in the facility.

Andy Brown was a coast2coast fundraiser for MusicVCancer who sadly passed away last year from cancer after attending the unit.

Andy’s family and friends attended to see the opening of the family room, along with his former fundraising friends from MusicVCancer, staff from the ward, Clinical Director of Surgery Anil Agarwal and Non-Executive Director Steve Hall.

The room was previously a store cupboard, but after receiving a very generous donation from the MusicVCancer charity the room has been fully refurbished into a large family room for people visiting relatives and friends on the ward.

MusicVCancer founder Tony Larkin said “It has been a great thing to see the new family room open and I hope many people find comfort in using it. Andy was a great friend of mine and it means a lot for me to do something in his memory for him and his family. There is a picture of Andy in the room to remember a much loved friend and family member.”

Ward matron Rosie Livingston added: “We are always so grateful for the generosity of people and all the donations we receive.

“To be able to transform a store cupboard which was barely used into this wonderful family room which will be appreciated by people who are in need of a private comforting place to visit a family or friend on the ward is wonderful. I would like to thank Tony and the MusicVCancer charity for this fantastic gift.”



Team MVC


April 6, 2017


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