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Take a look at our ever growing list of artists who have agreed to take time out to play at our Live Sessions.


Appeared 25/11/11

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Appearing 14/03/18

alexcornish[1]ALEX CORNISH

Appeared April 2016


Appeared 5/04/13

“I must admit I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first agreed to perform at MvC, mainly because I’d never played Hartlepool before and I wasn’t sure if anyone would take any notice! However the minute the music started that evening it was clear to me that everyone in the audience was there for the right reasons – mainly to support a great cause and to enjoy the music that had been put on by  Tony. I had a great time and am honoured to be listed as someone who has now performed at MvC….long may this great event continue, best of luck for the future!” Al x

Promo shoot


Appeared 8/04/16

7844220904_2def64676d[1]ANTONIO LULIC

Appeared 5/10/14 & 3rd Oct 2014!


MvC Ambassador

Appeared 5/10/14, 15/04/11 & 30/03/12

“Did a benefit for MUSICvCANCER and can’t remember when i enjoyed a similar event so much!We were well taken care of and it was a blast to be within the caustically witty bosom of a truly northern English audience again. I’d say Mr Larkin has a talent for promotion he may not have realized before as well…..perhaps all were responding to his obvious commitment and passion….i’d like to think so. I’d enjoy to be asked again” CVBlack 15/04/11.



Appeared 9/04/16


MvC Ambassadors

Appeared 5/10/14 & appearing 1/10/16

“We are delighted and honoured to become MvC Ambassadors.  Over the years we have got to know Tony Larkin really well and are full of admiration for his positivity and energy.

The gigs we played in Hartlepool were real highlights – great nights and full of meaning.  Cancer has affected most peoples lives one way or another.  I lost my father to it when I was a teenager.  The very least we can do as musicians is put something back.”

Dr Robert

Image may contain: one or more people, people on stage, people playing musical instruments and guitarBROKEN WITT REBELS

Appeared 6/10/17


Appeared 6/04/13  and 15/04/11.


Citrus Heights

Appearing 6/10/18

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Appearing 13/04/18


Appeared 8/07/11

“MUSICvCANCER has been a great thing to be involved with. From beginning to end I felt a strong presence of warmth, respect and unity. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves immensely. I was accompanied by a fantastic line-up of musicians who all gave brilliant performances and were well-received by the very jovial and responsive audience. Supporting a good cause is always satisfying – and this one is no exception. Seeing the effort MvC have put in and the success they’ve rightly had in return is just inspiring. I’m very glad I was able to take part and should future opportunities arise, I’d be more than happy to join in again. Here’s me wishing all the best for continued work! Big it up for MvC and of course for Hartlepool!”DT x



Appeared 30/09/16 & 14/04/18

Music V Cancer. Saturday 1st April 2017 (54)


Appeared 1/04/17

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JOE & DAVID (The Dunwells)

MvC Ambassadors

Appeared 7/10/17 and Appearing 6/10/18

FINGERSNAP Aka David McAlmont (MvC Ambassador) & Guy Davies  

Appeared 16/11/12 & 30/03/12

“Doing our performance for Music V Cancer was like flying. I loved the venue. It was large and intimate and the team were friendly. The stage was nice and low, placing us in the audience and they were warm, enthusiastic and generous. The investment the organizers demonstrated in making the show happen was palpable, so ‘giving everything’ was a no-brainer. A terrific night. If Tony Larkin approaches you, do yourself a favour and say “Yes.” David McAlmont.


Appeared 08/07/11 &  2/11/11

“What a truly superb night we had at the MvC night at The Grand!! We are so proud to be part of such a fantastic event and cause; Tony is the perfect host and enthusiast – the Acts were amazing and the camaraderie felt by both musicians and audience was fantastic. We hope to back to play again soon!!”Gary Stewart 8/07/11.

Goldheart-Assembly-Billy-In-The-Lowground-by-Joseph-Giffard-Tutt2[1] GOLDHEART ASSEMBLY

Appeared 11/04/15

It was a real pleasure to be involved in such a worthy cause, we were honoured to be asked to come up and play. We always have a great time in Hartlepool and Saturday night was no exception. Many thanks to Tony and the crew for their hospitality, we wish Music v Cancer much success in the future, hopefully see you next year! Jim & James (Goldheart Assembly)


Appeared 5/04/13


Appeared 05/04/13

“Genuinely one of the most inspirational events I’ve ever been too, thanks to everyone involved… What is being done by Tony Larkin is truly music vs cancer, and with more people and organisations like this in the world, Cancer doesn’t stand a chance…” Jack.

Jamie-Beau-Performance-shot[1]JAMIE BEAU

Appeared 11/04/15

“MvC is a charity that I hold very dear to my heart, it’s a charity that is doing some real good, so when I was asked to play, there was no question that I’d do it. I never anticipated how well I’d be looked after and just how well run the show would be. With an incredibly respectful and fully attended audience the sound was superb, the venue was beautiful, the gig was fantastic and I was looked after so well. I thank you all for having me along to play for you. It was my honour and pleasure.” Jamie Beau.

JAKE MORLEY Featuring John Parker (Ex-Nizlopi)

Appeared 07/10/11 & 3rd Oct 2014.

“Bringing together music and charity fundraising to bring out the best of both is what MvC has achieved so well. It was a pleasure to be involved and I’m sure I’ll be back – keep up the great work.”Jake Morley.


Appeared 6/04/13

“Playing MUSICvCANCER event was an absolute privilege, the audience was amazing and the whole event and organisation was second to none. Tony and the whole team do an expert job in creating an amazing event it’s no wonder they raise so much money. All the talent, the atmosphere and setting is perfect I want to come back! ” James


Appeared 08/10/10

”Absolutely buzzed off the ‘MUSICvCANCER’ charity gig i did in Hartlepool. Could not have asked for any more, right from the organisation to the audience who made me feel so welcome. Tony Larkin is a gentleman and deserves the best and you could tell he is so well respected up there. It was a pleasure to take part for such a great cause and one I’ll be honoured to continue to support”Jersey Budd.

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MvC Ambassador

Appeared 4/04/14, Appeared 11/04/14 & Appeared 13/04/18

“MUSICvCANCER is an incredible charity with the most amazing team behind it. The concept of involving great artists and events to help stand and fight for such an important cause is hugely inspiring. I am proud and honoured to be a part of it!” JJ Rosa 4/04/14.


Appeared 8/10/10 & 4/10/14

” Amazing night, beautiful venue, big crowd, loads of people up for the craic! Good fun for a good cause! Have it!” Jimmy Docherty 8/10/10.


Appeared 16/11/12 with Paper Aeroplanes, 7/10/11 with Jake Morley & 3rd Oct 2014!

“A truly great cause and a night of incredible music awaits anyone who comes to an MvC night, donate with reckless abandon and get involved” John Parker.


Appeared 16/11/12, 8/07/11 ,  2/11/11 & 4th Oct 2014.

‘It was an honour and a pleasure to perform at the MUSICvCANCER charity event.  It’s a worthy cause concerning a common cancer that people are not so aware of.’ Jon Allen 8/07/11.

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Appeared 7/10/17


Appeared 6/04/13 at the MvC Weekender and 8/10/10

 ”Great people, great musicians, great venues and most of all great cause”Jonny The Firth.


Appeared 30/03/12

“It was a great pleasure to play my first MusicVCancer show, alongside the illustrious Colin Vearncombe and David McAlmont. The audience, atmosphere and performances were all warm and generous in spirit – which seemed to naturally emanate from its organizer Tony Larkin and his charity’s worthy cause” Jono McCleery



Appeared 3rd Oct 2014 and appeared 1/10/16


Appeared 25/11/11

” Thank you guys for making me feel so welcome. what an amazing event. I would love to come back and do it all again…”Karima Francis

kimberly-anne-3[2]KIMBERLY ANNE

Appeared 30/09/16

The_Lake_Poets___Paul_Boyd_4-620x350[1]THE LAKE POETS

Appeared 30/09/16 & Appearing Oct 2018


Appeared 25/11/11 & 08/10/10

”It’s been both enjoyable and a privilege to support this extremely worthy cause and to be a part of the special atmosphere that these nights bring, and as a bonus get to meet some very talented individuals” Lee Maddison 8/10/10.

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Appeared 31/03/17

Image may contain: 1 person, indoor


Appeared 6/10/17


Appeared 6/04/13

“A heart warming event, incredible talent and a good night guaranteed. Tony and his team create a brilliant environment in which to both perform and spectate the impeccably selected acts, have a good laugh and raise money for a fantastic cause” Liz


Appeared 15/04/11

“My experience playing the MUSICvCANCER  acoustic night in Hartlepool was fantastic. It was extremely well organised and the audience was one of the best I have played for. Tony Larkin is a real gent and knows how to put on an event. This is an extremely worthy cause and I was only too happy to lend my support”. Gordon Graham.

Martha Cook

Appeared 7/08/11

magic-numbers-4331[1]THE MAGIC NUMBERS

Appeared 11/04/15



Appearing 6/10/18

michele-2-12[1]MICHELE STODDART

Appeared 11/-4/15

Nizlopi-pic[1] (2)NIZLOPI

Appeared 4/10/14


Appeared 16/11/12

“It was an honour to be involved in such a gem of a live music event. Surrounded by top quality and very successful musicians in a glamorous setting worthy of any exclusive London charity event…..except it’s in Hartlepool and everyone’s invited. And Music v Cancer is a cause worthy of such an event.” Sarah x.

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Appeared 14/04/18 & Headlining 5/10/18

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Appeared 1/04/17


MvC Ambassador

Appeared 8/10/11 & Appeared 7/10/17

“What a great night. It was a privilege to be involved in something so exciting with so much money raised. Brilliant atmosphere. Brilliant people. Thanks…” Phil x – 8/10/11

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Appeared 6/10/17

9156266_orig[1]ROBBIE CAVANAGH

Appeared 31/03/17 & 6/10/17

“Its clear the MvC team have worked long and hard to continually provide incredible events. It’s their time, effort and passion that make their events so warm, welcoming and enjoyable. It was an honour to perform for such a wonderful cause, to such a receptive audience. I cannot thank them enough for all that they are doing for the cause.”



Appeared 4/10/14

img_5883-rob_-col_[1]ROBERT VINCENT

Appeared 4/10/14


Appeared 8/10/10, 15/04/11, 7/07/11, 16/11/12, 4/04/14, 1/10/16 & Appearing 5/10/18

“The MUSICVCANCER charity has created a unique platform for live music fans and every show is guaranteed to be a sell out. The audience is always very attentive and friendly and the Hartlepool locals can definitely handle their beers…haha. Its always a pleasure to play the MvC gigs and for a great cause too, love” Ryan Spendlove 8/10/10.


Appeared 7/10/11


Appeared 6/04/13


Appeared 25/11/11

“Had a crackin’ night at Tony’s MvC night. Didn’t know what to expect but I got a real sense of camaraderie and spirit from the room. I feel highly honoured to have been part of this beautiful event and would love to come back again and rock it out with my band! Tony, I’ve got the utmost respect for you mate. You’re a top geezer.” Scott Matthews 25/11/12.


Photo by Jack Kirwin -JK Photography-

Photo by Jack Kirwin -JK Photography-

Appearing 5/10/18

skinny_living_hb_130616[1]SKINNY LIVING

Appeared 31/03/17

“Our night in Hartlepool with Music vs Cancer was definitely memorable, lots of singing and dancing, happy smiling people and a love of music, all coming together for a great cause which everyone can relate to. We were put up in the Grand Hotel, with all it’s quirks and ‘vibe’. We will definitely be back! Thanks to Tony and the rest of the team that put it together and keep doing what you’re doing! Love, the SL Boys x” Rhys Anderton



Appeared 9/04/16 and 1/10/16

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Appeared 7/10/17 and 13/04/18

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Appeared 8/04/16

Tom Benzon with Jack Savoretti

Appeared 5/04/13

“It was a great pleasure to play for such a great cause. Tony and his crew organised it so well, everyone was very passionate about MvC, from us (Jack Savoretti and Dirty Romantics), other artists, to the audience who was without a doubt a genuine bunch! Really enjoyed every bit of it and would play again for you guys”. Tom Benzon

Turin Brakes


Appeared 3rd Oct 2014

“Turin Brakes were pleased to help out such a worthy cause. Cancer touches everybody at some point and we are no exceptions. Tony and his team put on a top notch evening with great hospitality thrown in and we can safely say we had a blast!  More power to the cause!” Turin Brakes

Vince Freeman


Appeared 5/04/14

”Tony got in touch with me and asked me to come up to perform for Music vs Cancer.  It was a long journey to make but worth every minute.  From the moment I arrived I was made to feel welcome and part of this very special Charity.  It is easy to see why artists are lining up to perform at Music vs Cancer.  I would love to come again and hope the event go from strength to strength.’ Vince Freeman.



Appeared 4th Oct 2014 & 1sr April 2017

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November 20, 2011


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