MUSICvCANCER Spring Weekender 2018 Raises £62,851!

MUSICvCANCER Spring Weekender 2018
The curtain closes on the most successful MvC weekender to date.

On Friday 13th April the North Tees Chemotherapy Ward presented a cheque for £54,000 to MvC as part of a £1 for £1 matching initiative that was negotiated by the charity for a proposed £108,000 refurd of the ward at the North Tees site. The following evening MvC completed the circle by proudly presenting a £108,000 cheque to the ward to help the plans materialise. We anticipate that works will start in the coming months and once completed the new unit will make an immense difference to the quality of care for cancer patients in the region.

The event could not have happened without the amazing artists which included The Dunwells, JJ Rosa, THePETEBOX, Sonny, Dawson and Adam T. The generous sponsors; UV-Guard (Australia), Phoenix Steel, GPS Doors, Total Recycling, Ward Bros, Merlin PCB, Hart Biologicals, BSS, one IT, Shotton Furniture, Coast Kitchens, Reactive Design, Helios Precision Engineering and the ever faithful MvC crowd.

I would also like to also thank… The Grand Hotel, Basset Audio, Graham Slimings (MvC host) , Publicity Seekers, The NE Capitol Radio Breakfast Team and Andrew Dorrian Photography.

The spring event raised £62,851 which brings the grand total raised since April 2010 to £299,000!

Thank you for all your support and we look forward to another sold out event in October 2018.



Team MVC


April 16, 2018


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